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For years, Dr's. Kassab have been looking for a product that would fight bad breath, but also be indicated for cosmetic dental patients.  Recently, they have incorporated the Oxyfresh product line for fresh breath.  We have seen awesome results, as reported by our patients.  All of us at Smile Solutions are using the Power Rinses, toothpastes, and Fluoride products because they truly work.     There are several reasons why we recommend these products. The ingredients in Oxyfresh products fight bad breath by degrading the smelly sulfites and by-products, prevent plaque from accumulating on the teeth and therefore are anti-cavity, as well as include soothing and healing components that promote decrease in sensitivity and increase in healing of the oral tissues.  In addition, there is no adverse reaction on white fillings or staining, which is always a concern with cosmetic dental work. The products are all natural and rated least abrasive from all product on the market. 

Let's face it, everyone has bad breath at one point during the day. We challenge you to take the Oxyfresh breath test.  Imagine waking up with no bad breath, or not worrying about bad breath during the day at the office.  We assure you that these are the only products that really work. Compared to Listerine, which has a strong alcohol component that burns the tissues, lasts only 20 minutes, and promotes the bad breath to actually rebound and even stronger.  Use the Power rinse with lemon at night after you brush and you will rarely have bad breath in the morning again.  Dr's. Kassab always wondered how in the movies people kiss first thing in the morning, after they wake up and turn towards each other.  Now we know,they probably are using Oxyfresh Power Rinse.